DentalVerse by Dr.Leahu, the first dentistry platform digitalizing the relationship with the patient, is to be launched today

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Dr.Leahu Dental Clinics, the leader on dentistry market in Romania, launches DentalVerse, the first local mobile app to digitalize the patient’s interaction with the dentist.

The platform integrates functionalities that simplify and streamline processes and experience, prior and post accessing dental services. It also emphasizes the consultative feature, through the educational content that is immediately available, the possibility of online consultation and Catrinel, the intelligent virtual assistant.

In the medium and long term, DentalVerse will incorporate complex functionalities, aiming at becoming, through the technologies used, a first teledentistry platform. Codestage, Gamify and DRUID are the partners developing the mobile solution.

Available in Google Play and App Store, the initial version provides the patient with the ability to easily create a profile and register, schedule in-person consultations, request documents for online consultation and upload medical documents.

The patients will also be able to find useful medical information and post-treatment guides, send messages to specialists, pay online and enter the loyalty program, benefiting from personalized offers and subscriptions.

At a later stage of development, the app will include expanded benefits by automatically filling in the profile, the possibility to add a family member to the current profile, access one’s medical history, create a long-term treatment plan with automatic scheduling and many other services.

Research shows that 80% of us expect our experiences to be primarily digital. The reality of recent years highlights the need to enrich the medical, in-person act with digital interaction for those services that simplify the patient’s relationship with the dentist and encourage prevention.

We are pleased to be able to provide for the first time this comprehensive patient approach to dental services. This is how we see innovation in dentistry: state-of-the-art equipment and techniques complemented by a patient and doctor experience radically transformed through technology.”, says Ionuț Leahu, CEO and founder of Dr.Leahu Dental Clinics.

Consumers have become so accustomed to digital interactions in recent years that the latter have become the standard for their satisfaction and loyalty in various business segments, and healthcare is no exception.

That is why we are happy to have been able to collaborate with Dr.Leahu Dental Clinics for the implementation of the first conversational AI platform in the dentistry field in Romania, a platform that will meet the patients’ demands regarding accessibility, speed and simplicity.

Moreover, with time, this virtual assistant will evolve from relatively simple tasks, such as online appointments, to supporting an entire digital ecosystem of patient – dental clinic interaction, providing real-time information or facilitating payments,” says Liviu Drăgan, DRUID CEO.

“We have developed lately spectacular digital projects with real impact in the daily business, together with Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics. We are happy to launch DentalVerse by Dr. Leahu now; it is the app with the highest vision of all launched; it aims at raising the level of dental health in Romania through education, information and remote interpretation services.

The future will be closely linked to AI and blockchain for sure, so I am enthusiastic.”, adds Diana Dragomir, Gamify.

The involvement of our team in this project is an honour, but a great responsibility as well, as we aim at facilitating the patient’s interaction with the dental experience through a safe, stable and easy to use tool. We are very excited about the future of this app and the impact it will generate in the field of dentistry,” says Andrei – Dragoș Pătrașcu, Codestage.

In the long term, the app will include among its functionalities the analysis, by artificial intelligence of X-rays, electronic wallet, with the possibility of storing funds in it, advance payment or virtual currency, conversation with an AI assistant using natural language, automatic identification at in-person visit etc