Ten new BVB listed companies enter MSCI indices and Romania consolidates its presence in these indices from 12 to 22 companies

Autor: Tiberiu Porojan
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Romania’s presence in the MSCI indices will increase, as of September 1st, from 12 to 22 companies, following the quarterly review of the indices, carried out by the international index provider MSCI, in August.

According to the MSCI announcement, available at this LINK, Romania will have other ten companies included in the MSCI Frontier IMI and MSCI Romania IMI (Investable Market Indices).

These companies are: Aquila Part Prod (AQ), Arobs Transilvania Software (AROBS), Bittnet Systems (BNET), Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), Conpet (COTE), Purcari Wineries (WINE), Safetech Innovations (SAFE), Simtel Team (SMTL), Sphera Franchise Group (SFG), TTS Transport Trade Services (TTS). These indices comprise companies from the categories Small Cap, Mid Cap and Large Cap.

Simultaneously, other six Romanian companies will be promoted from Small Cap to Mid Cap / Large Cap. They will thus be part of the MSCI Frontier and MSCI Romania indices that only include Mid Cap and Large Cap companies. According to MSCI’s announcement, available at this LINK, these six companies are: Electrica (EL), MedLife (M), One United Properties (ONE), Teraplast (TRP), Transelectrica (TEL), Transgaz (TGN).

`BVB’s strategy aims at significantly increasing liquidity, and improving the visibility of the market on the radars of local and international investors is one of the pillars on which our strategy is based.

The local market has demonstrated in the last five years that it is a viable channel for supporting the economy both through the financing rounds carried out by private companies and the Romanian State, which totaled over 10.5 billion euros, and through a tripling of the number of investors, up to almost 160,000`, stated Radu Hanga, Bucharest Stock Exchange President.

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`The increase of Romania’s presence in the MSCI indices is a new signal for the local market, which is still classified as a Frontier Market by the global index provider.

Together with the other stakeholders of the capital market, we continue our developments to achieve Romania’s upgrade to Emerging Market status as well by MSCI and we consider that the prospects are positive, considering Hidroelectrica’s recent listing, along with the fulfillment of the qualitative and quantitative criteria of the index provider`, said Adrian Tanase, Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO.

In MSCI Frontier Markets indices, Romania is also represented by Banca Transilvania (TLV), BRD Groupe Societe Generale (BRD), Hidroelectrica (H2O), Nuclearelectrica (SNN), OMV Petrom (SNP) and Romgaz (SNG),

Romania is classified as Emerging Market by the international indices provider FTSE Russell, being represented by 14 companies: Banca Transilvania, Hidroelectrica, MedLife, Nuclearelectrica, OMV Petrom, One United Properties, Teraplast, Aquila, Bittnet Systems, Bucharest Stock Exchange, Conpet, Purcari Wineries, Sphera Franchise Group and Transport Trade Services.