Unchain Fintech Festival launches “Fintech Under the Spotlight“ Market Report

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Unchain Fintech Festival has undertaken an ambitious research project which aims to further the current knowledge about banking innovation in Central and Eastern Europe.

The research project gathers intel and crucial insights from top banking and fintech representatives regarding the current rate of innovation adoption in financial institutions, as well as key opinions on prioritizing the integration of various aspects of fintech and current trends.

Key banking players and representatives of financial or regulatory institutions were invited to make their voices heard and participate in the survey. Some of the topics included are decentralized finance, payments in the context of fintech innovation, digital currencies and digital assets, cybersecurity in fintech and banking, current reg-tech trends, and the regulatory landscape, as well as fintech banking innovation.

The financial industry has been under a lot of pressure and challenges in the past two years, changing multiple things at once. In the “Fintech Under the Spotlight” market report, we took a look at what has been happening in each main corner of this ecosystem, and what is coming next for the era of fintech, including the good and the bad about it.

After the study was concluded and the data processed, all participants received an exclusive copy of the final research report, as well as future exclusive insights and a thank you discount for participating in the main Unchain Fintech Festival event.

The event will soon follow on the 13th and 14th of July, reuniting an impressive speaker agenda from Central and Eastern European key banking and fintech institutions. Here are just a few examples of the market insights you will get by downloading the full report at this link.

The main Unchain Fintech Festival event

The first fintech and blockchain event of the CEE region is debuting this year in July in Oradea, a Romanian city located at the very heart of the CEE region. The festival will take place on the 13th – 14th of July 2022, as a live event.

The festival will bring together stakeholders from the business landscape in payments, loans, insurance, personal finance, e-commerce, banking, and more.

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Taking place in Oradea’s old and picturesque citadel, the event will put fintech and blockchain on the map of CEE. Starting with 2022, Oradea will be the fintech fortress in the month of July, every year going forward.

Unchain and VISA, the event’s main partner, believe that this framework of bringing together representatives from established institutions, successful unicorns, corporate giants and fresh start-ups will prove to be beneficial for boosting the overall business and innovation signal in the region.

Besides the research project for banking innovation in the CEE, the Unchain Fintech Festival team has been running a series of pre-events to give audiences a glimpse into the startup pitching competition that will be included in the main event in Oradea.

The event will give the whole of Central Eastern Europe a platform to showcase the best solutions provided by companies, from one of the most talented and fast-growing regions in the world.

So far, the team has organized two Unchain Demo Nights for two districted groups of countries in the CEE, with a third one to follow today, on the 8th of June. You can join and watch it online for free here: Unchain Demo Nights – Romania | Bulgaria | Greece | Ukraine.

By reuniting experts and representatives from regulatory bodies, banks and private fintech companies from all stages of development, the Unchain Fintech Festival will also act as a would-be accelerator for the CEE’s regional fintech innovation curve.

Together with Visa and all the relevant experts in the financial and tech industry, we will shape the business landscape in payments, loans, insurance, personal finance, e-commerce, banking, and more. We firmly believe that the regional unicorns we have so far have only just tapped into the big potential of the CEE and, through Unchain Fintech Festival, we aim to grow not just the knowledge and networking of fintech representatives, but also help foster and facilitate the actual innovation and fintech growth of the CEE region,” stated Alexandra Pollack, Co-Founder and CEO of Unchain Fintech Festival