Bucharest Stock Exchange reported a decrease in revenues and profit the first nine months due to fewer listings

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Key points:

➢ Romania closed the 3rd quarter with the promotion to Emerging Market from Frontier Market status, as the
global index provider FTSE Russell announced on September 26 this year
➢ The BET index, which mirrors the evolution of the most-traded 16 companies except for the Financial
Investment Companies, went up by 30% in the first 9 months
➢ The BET-Total Return (BET-TR) index, which also includes the dividend paid by the companies included in the
BET index, has spiked up 41% since the beginning of the year
➢ At the end of the first 9 months, the market value of the Romanian companies listed on BVB amounted to EUR
22.7 bn, while the capitalization of all the companies listed on the Main Market of BVB accounted for EUR 35.9
bn at the end of the last trading session from September
➢ The total trading value on the regulated shares market, excluding offers, + 13% from RON 6.63 bn to RON 7.46
➢ Transactions with shares, excluding offers, accounts for 92% of the total traded value – 9 months 2019,
respectively 69% for the similar period of year 2018
➢ The total traded value for all markets, including offers, -15%, from RON 9.545 bn to RON 8.120 bn, due to the
decrease of offers on the main market (shares and bonds) with RON 2.164 bn lei

The operating revenues of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) Group in the first 9 months of the year was RON 26.45 mn, -9% compared to the similar period of 2018 (9 months 2018: RON 28.98 mn), a decrease determined by the trading segment (BVB individual) as well as the registry segment – Central Depository (DC).

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Revenue from trading – BVB individual, was RON -2.17 mn (from RON 17.41 mn to RON 15.24 mn) as a result of the decrease of the total value of the “offers” transactions carried out on the BVB markets with impact of RON -3.15 mn in revenues, decrease partially offset by the advance of value of „regular” transactions.

The revenues related to the post-trading segment (DC) increased by 2% (from RON 7.28 mn to RON 7.42 mn) as a result of the advance of the revenues from the cross-border settlement services while the revenues related to the registry segment (DC) decreased by 16% (from RON 4.16 mn to RON 3.50 mn) as a base effect, considering the „one-off” revenues registered in the first half of 2018.

The consolidated operating profit of the BVB Group – 9 months 2019, -46%, from RON 7.50 mn to RON 4.02
mn result of the combined effect of the decrease of the operating revenues by 9% and the increase of the
operating expenses by 4 %.

The consolidated net profit of the BVB Group – 9 months 2019, -18%, from RON 8.15 mn to RON 6.69 mn, 78%
being generated by the Group’s trading segment.

Net profit, BVB individual – 9 months 2019, -14%, from RON 7.89 mn to RON 6.82 mn, with 45% net margin. This includes intra-group transactions (for trading segment values, excluding intra-group transactions. Net profit, DC individual – 9 months 2019, -17%, from RON 1.71 mn to RON 1.41 mn, with 13% net margin. This includes intra-group transactions (for post-trade and registry segments values, excluding intra-group transactions.