See, hear and feel when paying with Visa in Pago app

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Consumers in Romania are the first in Continental Europe to benefit from Visa’s in-app multi-sensory technology that notifies them with visual, haptic (something relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch) and audible cues when they make payments with Visa.

The new technology is currently available in the Pago app that facilitates payments for utilities and other services, both on Android and iOS.

The multi-sensory technology developed by Visa includes a series of features, such as sound, animation and haptic vibration, all adapted for online, mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch) and in-store point of sales, helping Visa cardholders to easily recognize when a payment is made, regardless of the device they use. As a first use case in Continental Europe, Pago has implemented the feature in-app.

Visa multi-sensory technology replicates the in-store card payment experience in order to boost consumers’ confidence in digital payments as the payment process becomes more and more automated.

According to “The Value of Multi-Sensory Branding: Sound and Animation Elements in Cardless Payment Experiences research conducted by Visa, more than 90% of consumers would have a more positive perception of merchants who use either sound or animation elements, similar to displaying the Visa logo in physical or online stores that accept card payments.

The way consumers pay is constantly changing, from in-store card payments to electronic devices connected to the internet, through which we can pay with virtual cards, but the payment possibilities are limitless when it comes to the Internet of Things.

We have launched this technology precisely to keep up with these changes. Consumers can see, hear and feel when they make digital payments, which gives them the confidence that the transaction is carried out with the same speed and the same level of security they are used to when paying with Visa physical cards” said Catalin Cretu, General Manager for Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and Malta at Visa.

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In developing Pago, we are always looking for ways to make the app more useful and safer for our users. With the addition of sensory branding from Visa, users will get not only a cool new experience when completing a payment but also an additional confirmation that their payments are processed in a secure environment” said Adrian Cighi, Co-founder of Pago.

Visa and Timesafe, the company developing the Pago app, have signed a three-year strategic partnership agreement with the purpose of developing existing functionalities and launching new features, such as tax payments and P2P money transfer.

Pago customers can enroll their Visa card in the app to pay invoices or other type of services to over 240 suppliers with one tap or automatically, by setting up recurring payments.

Pago users are rewarded with convertible points in Lei when they use their Visa card in the application. Pago Points can be used to pay entirely or partially the value of the services available in the application.

Visa is committed to supporting local fintechs working to develop innovative solutions and the partnership with Pago is yet another proof of the continuous investments in expanding and improving the ways to pay and be paid.